Travel by Coffee Cup

Early-to-rise mornings most often begin in the same predictable way for me. Head to the kitchen, select a morning mug, fulfill it’s purpose with the first caffeinated beverage of the day, French Vanilla with about as much creamer as coffee – preferably spiked on the weekends, and settle onto the nearest counter stool for at least 5 minutes of planning, reflection or prayer. Once a week, this time is used to call Mom to check in. But, that’s more like a 30 minute sit.

The seemingly endless days of the recent “shelter-in-place,” while appreciated in the beginning, eventually exposed my restlessness of not being able to plan my day in accordance to how I wanted to productively spend it for work, family or travel – even if it was to a nearby park or museum.

Clostrophobia setting in, I decided to try some calming chamomile hot tea with a hint of honey. Reaching into the overstuffed cabinet with years of collected mugs, each representing a memory,  I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to bless with my selection. Then, I saw it. The blue one with the ornate dolphin painted on the side from my trip to Cabo San Lucas.

coffeeImmediately a new energy filled the room. A breath of fresh air entered my lungs. Today, I was going to escape and travel to Cabo … by coffee cup. I knew just the thing to wear for my imaginary excursion and headed to my closet to retrieve my colorfully embroidered smock dress. I brewed my tea, grabbed my laptop and settled in for my quick trip.

Tucked into the simply titled “Summer Trip” computer file folder, I clicked into my relaxing, warm summer, beach filled photos of Cabo San Lucas.

A standard souvenir in my family has always been a coffee cup. It’s simple, affordable and no two are alike. A “not-much-thought” has to go into it purchase that still brings gratitude to the recipient and instills a memorable thought each time it’s used. My cabinets are filled with hundreds of cups mostly representing vacations nestled among, sports teams, slogans, activities, events, hobbies, celebrities, school alma maters, restaurants, businesses, favorite movies and shows. The most treasured are the hand made ones by my daughters from summer camp projects or given as sentimental gestures.

While those early-to-rise mornings still begin in the same predictable way, I now have a new perspective on how to begin my day. I take an imaginary trip or walk down memory lane. Each day, a brief escape. Each day, somewhere new.

So grab a mug. Virtually escape to a place you once enjoyed or even might like to visit. Select a mood. Find a fun and creative way to begin your day. Travel by coffee cup.

Do you have a favorite mug? Where would you travel by coffee cup? Tell me about your trip! Let me hear from you! Your comments are welcome!

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