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It’s a question I’ve asked myself as many times as one would ask themselves anything. I wish I had an answer to satisfy all of our curiosities. The truth is, at age 52 and counting, I’m still trying to decide, “What do I really want to be when I grow up?” But, for now, let me introduce you to who I’ve been.
I’m a born Texan and only child to divorced parents who both remarried – which then graced me with three wonderful step-sisters and an equally cool step-brother. Raised throughout various Southern states as a Wal-Mart manager’s child, we eventually settled in Oklahoma for my formative years and I returned to Dallas within days of graduating college in Alabama.
One could say I’ve enjoyed a “Heinz 57” of careers. I’ve been a corporate technical writer needing to keep a fresh pair of pantyhose in the desk drawer in case there was a run, to a Mary Kay consultant chasing the dream of owning a pink caddie, to a storm chasing gypsy with my now husband – hence also a wife and a mom – an eBay business owner passing my used and abused wares on to others, an entrepreneur helping hubby build a small empire, momager to my two red carpet bound daughters and all of it coupled with a 20 year stint as a luxury Realtor – like most people that decide they want a career change so why not get their real estate license – now on sabbatical.
For fun, and oh how I love fun, I’m blessed to travel the world, visit my girls on their opposite college attending coasts, scrapbook all these memories and, wait for it, drive around auto speedways at 180 mph!

I’m officially, a Connoisseur of Life!

Let’s help you find your “panties that match”! On this blogging venture, I’ll share my obsessions with matching the attributes of living life to it’s fullest to the ways I do it with my favorite products, projects, somewhat successful if I say so myself parenting tips, how-to-go and where-to-go world travel adventures. Please follow this blog, feel free to Say Hello anytime, or follow me on social media. If you’re interested in purchases, collaborations or advertising, please reach out. Thank you so much for reading!

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I'm Lisa | Lifestyle Blogger

I'm Lisa | Lifestyle Blogger

Join me as I embark on a new season of life as a retiree and empty nester. Let's explore our obsessions for living the fullest life.
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