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9 months ago

If the FIX Fits – Try It

Ok, all you busy professionals, moms with no spare time and anyone who hates to shop – this is your answer! I’m one of the pickiest women when it comes to clothes because of my size and my age. I must not enhance all the love I’ve gained over the years and I refuse to […]

10 months ago

What’s In A Name? The Panty Story

Thank you for joining me on this new adventure of self discovery and the perfect pairings … matching the attributes of living life to it’s fullest to the ways to do it for any lifestyle. It’s taken awhile to get here, but the journey begins now. The title, you ask? Simply enough it stems from an […]

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I'm Lisa | Lifestyle Blogger

I'm Lisa | Lifestyle Blogger

Join me as I embark on a new season of life as a retiree and empty nester. Let's explore our obsessions for living the fullest life.
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