What’s In A Name? The Panty Story

Thank you for joining me on this new adventure of self discovery and the perfect pairings … matching the attributes of living life to it’s fullest to the ways to do it for any lifestyle. It’s taken awhile to get here, but the journey begins now.
The title, you ask? Simply enough it stems from an inside joke with my wonderful Aunt who always used to tease me about needing to match everything – particularly my undergarments. The day simply didn’t feel right if I weren’t put together cleanly and correctly from the inside out.

More than a color match, I had to match to the mood, the weather, the total outfit and the activity. I mean you aren’t really going to wear a thong to church, or a granny panty on a date; right?! Or, are you?!

Once when I was visiting her – in Iowa – we were window shopping in the quaint old main street area when we came across a small consignment boutique. It was adorable! In the window there was a delicate lace “nighty” hanging on a mannequin. The instinct was to buy it. But, as you can guess, I didn’t have any “panties to match.”

This “matching” obsession has continued through literally every aspect of my being and beyond clothing. Like many, I pair foods with wine, decor to drapes, destinations to lifestyle, friends to outings and so on. Seriously, even the pillow cases must be part of the sheet set or I am in for a sleepless night.

So let’s see where this take us. Perhaps I can show you a few tricks to my trade and encourage you to find your “panties that match”.

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