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Wearing Stitch Fix: NAPEAN SEA RD Esmira Keyhole Corset Blouse / LEVEL 99 Adelynn Distressed Frayed Hem Denim Short Location: Candytopia Dallas

Ok, all you busy professionals, moms with no spare time and anyone who hates to shop – this is your answer! I’m one of the pickiest women when it comes to clothes because of my size and my age. I must not enhance all the love I’ve gained over the years and I refuse to look like – well, excuse this – a “frumpy” mom!

If anyone would have told me a couple of years ago that today I would be anxiously awaiting a box full of clothes – selected for me by a complete stranger – to arrive on my porch each month, I would have insisted you were delusional.

But, here I am, awaiting box #47! Yes folks! For more than 3 years, I’ve been a loyal patron of “Stitch Fix” with my ever-so-delightful stylist – now virtual friend – Mandy!

Stitch Fix is an online personal style service for women, children and men providing hand-selected clothing and accessories by a style expert based on your personal profile and delivered straight to your door

That means I’ve relished the rewards of not driving aimlessly around a mall parking lot for a space that offers no exercise by walking from car to door. I haven’t had to scramble passed over eager shoppers for the last size large. No standing in long dressing room lines only to discover the clothes don’t fit because I really needed to go to the restroom first. Then spend more money than I did on my last vacation just to avoid the humiliation of putting the clothes back on the rack.

Each conspicuously designed box looks like that one gift you can’t wait to open. Inside are about 5 items based on your profile preferences all neatly wrapped in tissue, a personal note from the professional stylist that’s been stalking your Pinterest board and Facebook account, and a return envelope. It’s basically your own in-home personal shopping experience.

Of course I have a healthy mixture in the closet from other boutiques, brands and, let’s be honest, sizes to match this ever-so-fluctuating sized body of mine, but taking or making the time to get out and shop is simply not always a convenience unless I really need something specific or have the time to spare from other commitments. And, department stores for which I’ve been graced a credit card can get me in trouble quicker than I  can shove the card into the reader and sign my signature.

How it works?! Simply follow the link below in this blog to create an account, complete your profile with your style/sizes/price point, pay your initial $20 styling fee and wait for your first Fix! When your box arrives, keep what you like and return what you don’t in the pre-paid envelope. Your $20 styling fee is credited toward any purchases! You can schedule your next Fix with a note to your stylist when you “check out” online! It’s that simple! Be sure to let me know how you like it!

SPECIAL OFFER!! Try STITCH FIX today and receive a $25 credit!!

Have you tried Stitch Fix before? What are your thoughts on subscription clothing services? Let me hear from you! Your comments are welcome!

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